Keri & Jeff's Wedding Flowers - Castoro Cellars

Keri & Jeff were wed at the beautiful Castoro Cellars in Templeton, California. Katie DiSimone was the lovely photographer that provided these photos of the day.

Patrice, the wedding coordinator for this event, helped Keri and Jeff bring their vision of their day to life. They had wanted their theme of vintage keys carried throughout the wedding. I attached keys with ribbon to Keri's bouquet.

Don't you just love that color of plum that the girls are wearing!?!?!

Oh my goodness, that dress is amazing!!!

We hung mercury glass votives, crystals and roses in our manzanita branches and roses at the base.

I loved how the manzanita, mercury glass votives and roses looked on the long head table.

Once again the couple's theme of vintage keys is shown here on the napkins.

Our large manzanita tree helped display the guest place cards and keys.

Congratulations Keri & Jeff on your new adventure together!


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