San Fransisco - Inspires & Rejuvenates

I was fortunate enough to be able to "run away" for a long weekend up to the San Fransisco Bay area. It was a perfectly sunny winter weekend with plenty of sights to be seen...

The historic architecture is so fantastic ... so many stories to be told.

We of course had to ride the trolly...

And then there was Anthropology! Ok, I must confess - I could wander and daydream in this store for days. And I am embarrased to say that I am not looking at the wonderful merchandise but the .... store displays and props... {am I the only one out there that does this...???} I am in awe of the creative minds that come up with these ideas!
Just the front window alone leaves me just wanting to stare! It is recycled water bottles that have been delicately cut into flowers.

Here is a close up of the individual blooms.

As you enter the store you are greeted by an enormous paper "puff" chandelier.

One of the displays had long trailing path of rolled paper and wire...
How many man hours did this display take alone to do?

Large cardboard paper letters as tall as me...

What about this bed? It has a bed frame made of cut lumber and logs!!!

This sweet yet massive ostrich made of recycled pages from old books gazed upon the store's shoppers.

Check out those cute little eyelashes! So adorable ...

Moss covered tubes create a great hanging sculpture...

I love the simplicity of the hanging keys in mass on the wall.

Every girl needs a bit of pampering and some of the latest and greatest advise on covering up those pesky wrinkles that "magically" appeared on my face a few years back! Debbie at Clinique was the gal! Thank you Debbie for all of your help and patience!

Then we were off to Kara's Cupcakes for a bit of Chocolate Therapy!

My sweet sister Melodi had to taste test too of course! Mmmmm...

I love ice cream {it's one of my weaknesses} and had never seen such a display of delightfullness!

And then to finish off an amazing day we drove up to Twin Peaks and looked out onto the great view of the city. Thanks Sis for such a wonderful weekend and taking time out of your schedule to tour me around the City - I loved it!

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  1. What the What?? You were is SF and Didn't call?? tsk tsk